By Tuston Serl - Realtor

What you see is what you get. Major search sites like Zillow, Redfin, & Trulia have been painting a picture to buyers, and people haven't really gotten what they see. At all. Big ad generating giants try to bring the home buyer everything, with a catch. There's actually been a bigger wall put up between the people and the purchase because of these DIY Can-Do's that have been the masterminds behind the crime of mis-informing.

Now let's understand that the consumer shapes the market. A microwave-mentality and impulsive millennial buyer in today's market craves a quick fix on a price or listing. People demand prices, and tools just like Zestimates promise. But, eh, these zesty zestimates are 'within 5 percent of the actual value of a home just half of the time.' Just half of the time; which means it's finally made it's way to a progressive slot machine with a blackjack probability you'll have some accuracy this go around. Isn't accuracy the only way to move forward? Nah, armed with computed-confidence, sellers are moving forward with the numbers given, and one algorithm after another begins to drive our industry. What's this jargon
boil down to? Fact is, our own demand is causing a bit of distortion in 'eh-stimates.' But, the numbers are even further off in the 'buyer's database' when it comes to listings. Recently, Redfin performed a study on sites like Zillow and Trulia and released that approximately 36% of the listings shown as active on Trulia and Zillow were no longer for sale on the MLS. It's getting bad. But, what is getting better is the enormous amount tools and resources fully available on a consumer's fingertips. The buyer has a stockpile of data, but, it's still all over the place. Will it change? It's up to our own demand.
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